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Located in the NW of South America, Ecuador sits between 10 North Latitude and 50 South Latitude and straddles 750 Longitude. Ecuador is bordered to the north by Colombia, to the South and East by Peru and to the West by the Pacific Ocean.

As represented by its name, Ecuador sits right on the equator and its national monument to this area is one of the best in the world. Only 10 countries in the world share the distinction of having the equator pass through its territory and Quito is the only capitol and the largest city in the world through which this renowned line passes.

Ecuador map and ecuatorial line

Hence, Ecuador is by far one of the best destinations to experience the unique phenomenon that can only happen standing on the equator.

The country's 272,045 km2 is divided into 4 geographical zones/regions: Amazon Jungle, Andean Highlands, Costal Plains, and the infamous Galapagos Islands. The three largest cities are: Quito, located in the highlands and surrounded by almost 12 volcanoes, has 1.7 million inhabitants, is the capitol of the country and the center of the country's petroleum, flower, and tourism industries; Guayaquil, located on the coast with nearly infinite pristine beaches, is the country's largest city with 2.5 million inhabitants, is the country's principal port as well as the center of the banana, coco, and shrimp industries; and finally Cuenca, beautifully clean, incredibly well preserved, and rich with history and culture, this is the country's third largest city which has, no surprisingly, been recently added to UNESCO's world heritage list – along with the historic center of Quito and the Galapagos islands.

Highland Region

The highlands offers a multitude of historical, cultural and natural wonders, from horseback riding on the tops of Andean mountains to walking or riding in rich valley trails and from hiking through mountain teraine dotted with quaint historic mountain ranches to extreme sports and adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking, rafting, mountain and ice climbing.

The most visited provinces in the Northern Highlands are Carchi and Imbabura. Of the many interesting in this region, , three are: the Angel Ecological Reserve... >>> see more

Middle of the World - Andean Highlands
Costal Region

Welcome to the region of infinite sun, sand, and ocean! The costal region of Ecuador not only offers endless miles o virgin beach, but also virgin forests too – including arid forests, humid forests and some rare cloud forests – many tucked away in protected reserves, all boasting rare flora and fauna difficult to find else where in the country.

Of course, most people end up coming for the beaches, the most visited and arguably best include: Atacames, Muisne, Crucita, Manta, Montañita, Salinas, La Chocolatera, Playas Villamil and Los Frailes...>>> see more

Costal Region of Ecuador and beaches
Amazon Region

Well, what can be said about this region that the name itself doesn't already conjure up? It's one of the last surviving tropical rain forests in the world and Ecuador is one of the easiest, most accessible and fastest ways to experience it.

Exotic plants and animals found nowhere else in the world, jungle hikes through virgin jungle and into native jungle villages seeing people the way they have lived since thousands of years ago, canoe trips through the least explored and most pristine jungle, rustic jungle cabins and many more mysterious...>>> see more

Amazon Jungle tour
Galapagos Islands

If you haven't heard about the Galapagos yet, then this small passage surely won't do it justice. Talking with practically every traveler who has ever traveled to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador as well, will hands down say Galapagos was not only the highlight of the trip but also one of the best destinations they've ever been to. These 13 large islands and dozens of small smaller ones belong to Ecuador and thus Ecuador is the only country from which flights leave. Formed by volcanic eruptions over millions of years, they are located a very remote 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador...>>> see more

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